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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 22, 2009 1:13am-2:00am EDT

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zes. great, because flat rate boxes come in four sizes. call and we'll send a free supply, plus up to $160 in offers. when you're ready to ship, we'll even pick them up for free, no matter how many you have. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. greta: 23.7 trillion dollars. can you even wrap your head around that number? according to a special investigator,ç when of the mai, independent watchdogs, over the
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$700 billion dollaralready spen- one of the main watchdogs, joining us0is stephen moore, a writer for "the wall street journal" editorial page. where did that number come from? >> 12 numbers in $1 trillion . he is counting all of the flood insurance and form insurance, all of this stuff, and it is now $23.70 trillion. 2/3 mortgages now being issued carry with them as a federal 100% guarantee of repayment. -- carry with them a federal 100% guarantee of repayment. greta: first of all, $23.70 trillion. either they get it out of us, the taxpayers, or they just print it. the bureau of engraving.
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we have wild inflation. nobody in china is even going to buy our debt. they cannot buy our debt because it is way too expensive. do me a favor. tell me the best-case scenario. >> the best-case scenario is that we never have to pay any of this, because as the economy goes back to good health, people will pay their bills, and you will not have these foreclosures or bank closures, so people will not need deposit insurance, but the $23.70 trillion is the amount of exposure we have, and that is more than the entire gross domestic product of our country. çwe are devoting everything tht we produce in an entire year to pay off all of those debts. greta: if the economy gets better, tell me when it. çwhat is the point where we wod know whether this $800 billion or whatever, whether it were to prove is that november? >> we should know by now --
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whether it worked? is that november? >> we should know by now if we do not see a robust expansion, putting people back to work, then i think it would be a failure. greta: i think then all of the people who did not read the stimulus bill should go. >> i was in wisconsin last week. i was an eau claire wisconsin -- eau claire, a wisconsin, he and people were quote -- eau claire, wisconsin, and people are quoting you. -- were quoting you. also, by the way, on the health- care bill, which should all listen to that center on that health care bill. they have not read it. -- listen to that senator on that health-care bill. a lot of times, they do not give
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them time. the leadership does not give them time. greco, harry reid right now and tell him, "give them time" -- greta: called harry reid right now. -- call harry reid. acquiring other banks, some lending. all right. why in the world is not the treasury getting that information, putting that on the internet? why are they hiding it from us? >> it is our money. there is no rationalç reason. look. this was supposed to be the new era of accountability and the new era of transparency. greta: while you areç writing harry reid, right to the secretary of treasury. what are the banks doing with the money -- write to the
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secretary of treasury. >> taxpayers have a right to know. this is the interesting part about this entire story. the inspector general is sort of like the auditor. he is the one keeping tabs on these agencies. the obama administration has been trying to push in the inspector general's out of the way. they do not want them looking at what is going on -- pushing the inspector generals out of the way. i would not be surprised if they tried to fire this guy. greta: timothy geithner. -- if they try to fire this guy. part two but secretary of state hillary clinton. now, -- part two with secretary of state hillary clinton. now, the u.s. on the edge of
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catastrophe? catastrophe? what catastrophe?ophe
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before they will have a delivery system. any idea? >> i think we have time. i do not want to numbers up there. we have time. their program is not that advanced or sophisticated. you made a point which is very critical. it is not only what they might do but what others might do in reaction to what they might do. i think neither china nor we want to see the necessity for them to move in that direction. there becomes a time where your pursuit of nuclear weapons
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renders you less secure not more secure. i really believe that there are a lot of moving parts to this. i am not in any way saying it will be easy. you can begin to see the pieces on the chessboard. i think there is going to be a moment -- i do not want to predict exactly when -- when they will want to come back to the table to talk about the way forward. greta: talk about their unwillingness to talk. it is so impossible to deal with them. >> it is difficult. we do not have the kind of opportunities that i think are important to discuss with one another. we have channels. we use other countries that have more established and formal channels. we also know that the north koreans of all our country and
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what is a very closely. i imagine they will be reporting back to north korea if we talk to them. i hope the consensus will be reached within the leadership that the path of they are on is not sustainable. >>greta: when you look at iran and the protesters, and they look at the world and have a sense of our democracy. when you go to north korea, they are sealed off from the rest of the world. they literally see as as these horrible people. >> you are so right. i speak from firsthand experience. it has been such a controlled society with so few sources of information coming into the country that i am told when
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people escape and they get to china, they are stunned by what they find. it is not only the prosperity and the abundance of food and other goods, but the world is not at all as it has been described to them. the opportunities for people in north korea are just as great as people anyway -- people anywhere. they are abused by their own government. greta: it appears that the son or brother in law will still be there. any thought about that? >> we are watching this closely. we have no insight into what the final decision will be. we hope the current government will begin a dialogue that could lead to some positive change.
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who ever will come next will be able to build upon that. greta: here is a look at what is coming up after the show. >> we will have the stories plus others coming up. greta: that meltdown is right. we have someone on the record about the hot health care debate. will use in be paying higher taxes for government run health care? my two granddaughters are my life. they always ask me, grandma, take me here, grandma, take me there. but with my occasional irregularity i wasn't always up to it. until i discovered activia
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greta: former speaker of the house newt gingrich is a veteran of theç capitol hill health-cae
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wards. what is speaker gingrich think about the democrats' plan? -- health-careç wars. what do you think of the three different plans that are sort of a weaving their way through congress? >> the one and the house makes no sense at all. it has no reform of costs -- the one in the house makes no sense at all. it will kill jobs. an economy moving towards 10% and unemployment, where the federal reserve board last thursday that we only have four years with no net new jobs, think about that. five years trapped at 8%, 9%, 10% unemployment is no net new jobs -- to further crèche the economy -- on a planet with no net new jobs.
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-- unemployment with no net new jobs -- to further crash the economy. greta: is this sort of the thinking? >> i do not know what the thinking is. i do know that the administration, at the director of the budget, admitted yesterday that there is $239 billion of deficit in the bill that they are not counting, and that is because theyç are payig the doctors and others. i do know that the director of the congressional budget office testified in the senate that not only is there not anything which only is his bill, itything which will actually raise the cost of health care, and that is the director of the congressional budget office. i do know if you want to create jobs in america -- i am at a press conference tomorrow for american solutions on four major tax cuts -- this is what i find so difficult to understand.
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if you want to create jobs in america, you want to help small business. well, the very people that are talking about being taxed our small business. greta: health-care reform. you have your program, american solutions. so tell me. what is your solution for american health care? >> we are doing tax cuts for small business and for economic growth. i also founded the center for health transformation, and nancy desmond is with that, and there is the public policy vice president. three or four quick things. a bomb was just published last friday which is available on- line -- a book was just published last friday called "stop paying the cruxç -- craos s." çlet me give you some examples.
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a dentist to filed over 900 procedures a day. greta: a computer should pick that one up. >> it is all paper. greta: i got stopped in india when i used my american express three times at the same store. and when i got back here, there was a light on on my telephone that showed me that i used my american express card three times. >> do you know what that sense? the american government does not run that well. -- do you know what that says? from "the new york times," there is an estimate that 10% of all medicaid in the state is fraud. that is over $4 billion in new york state alone and. set an example. five pizza parlors -- in new york state alone. they get paid. that is called theft, ok?
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the first point isç you want rl health care reform, how about if we save $70 billion to $120 billion a year, by no longer paying the crçooks. you have to hire a people -- you have to hire people to monitor transactions, and you have to pull up -- greta: they stopped my third transaction in india because they cannot figure out what somebody was buying three things in the store. but the center for medicare and medicaid says they found one case where a doctor had filed for four colonoscopies on the same person in one day. now, my reaction is i certainly hope that is fraught. greta: i was not even going to go there -- i certainly hope that is fraud. >> in the alzheimer's study group and the alzheimer's
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solution group, which michelle steinberg leads, and we have three nobel prize winners and other nearest scientists who have told us that they believe if we put the right investment in a -- and other scientists who believe they have told us that weç could have a cure between 2020 and 2025. there is a cost of $20 trillion to the government between now and 2050, an enormously painful also for every family involvgdì+ it is also a big cost to private families. so if we could have a right program and get a breakthrough, we might be able to save $9 or $10 trillion. greta: obviously, i am hunza a little bit on the fact that bill that is so profoundly important -- i am obviously a little bit hung up on that fact. do they feel any sort of moral responsibility to see what is in that bill?
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>> no. i think the disgrace for small of passing $787 billion of a spending bill without reading it, followed by -- remember, on energy tax, they bought votes in last night and submitted a 300- page amendment at 3:00 in the morning and voted on it at 4:00 in the afternoon, with no one having read it. this one is already 100 pages long. several blue dog democrats went down to the white house to negotiate today. the white house is trying to figure out to buy them off. my guess is that you may see a 500-page amendment a at 5:00 in the morning next week before they vote at 11:00 in the morning. greta: there is a press conference tomorrow night. they will insist that people treat the weather is good or bad, that they read it. -- they will insist that people read it, whether it is good or bad. >>ç 10 questions the white houe press corps -- i wish he would
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say three things. i wish he would say, first of all, we are going to slow down. individuals, could be life and death for the country. we should not ram something through that we do not understand that we have not read. first of all, let's slow down and get it done, over the next five or six months, not over the next five or so days. set and, i wish the president would say he is not going to rely -- second, i wish the present would say it would be genuinely bipartisan. and third, i wish he would take this federal reserve report that says we're going to get no net new jobs for five years and say, faced with that, let's we think our priorities, because our number-one priority should be -- let's rethink our priorities. not after the energy tax and after health and everything. we are at the edge of a really
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>> he is one of eight people arrested in the murders of a couple. the billings were shot to death earlier this month. 13 other children have been adopted and have special needs. it is a wednesday for some astronauts as they sit up for duty outside of the international space station. this is the third space walk for them. they will be replacing batteries on a station's solar panel. you can check on the mission's progress if you are a pop twitter fan. g back. partnerreta. -- back into greta.
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the house newt gingrich be the catastrophe you are warning us about, what is it? >> part of the national defence speech, i outlined the fact captioned by the national captioning institute that you could have a nuclear event. you could have an electromagnetic pulse attack, which is not unusual. you could have a biological attack. you could have a cyber attack, by taking out the information systems, in large parts of the country, or you could have a breakdown in a form we do understand because some of the science that is developing around the world is not in the united states. we do not know what it is anymore, and might issue is is if you are thinking about -- my vision -- might issue is we want to be safe, prosperous, and free -- my issue. i think we are really underestimating how dangerous the world is. greta: if that is true -- all of
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those things are terrified, and it makes me want to run down into the basement like in the 1950's and get some canned goods, but how would you do things differently? >> first of all, you have to have a more robust national security and homeland security system, which means you have to control the border and not one that you're undermining every morning. it means you have to think about a robust missile defense. we also have to think about in a very seriousç way north korea d iran. these two countries are drifting steadily towards becoming much more dangerous. you just came back from india. you look at the situation in pakistan, çand we are focused n iran, which is trying to get nuclear weapons, or north korea, which has two or three, but pakistan has a significant number of nuclear weapons and a relatively unstable country, and there is the fact that we have
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this terrible dilemma that the more successful we are at stopping terrorist attacks, the easier it is for people to say, "why are you worried?" it is almost like it works. well, there are people around the planet who get up every morning trying to figure out how to kill americans, and the fact that for the last seven years we have been pretty successful stopping them, that should not kid us. we have been actively trying to stop terrorist attacks on a delete bases worldwide, and my point in the speech was that we have to fundamentally rethink our national defense system. we have to recognize the short- term problem, where i think secretary gates is being a very involved, but we have long-term problems. china is going to be a significant competitor, not an enemy, but asignificant competitor.
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if we do not find a wealth of new developments and new capabilities, -- if we under fundç these, we could be at a disadvantageous position. we have been amazingly fortunate since 1945. we are the most powerful nation in the world, and that has been good. taking the risk of growing weaker, and taking the risk of letting other people compete more effectively, means we will be in much greater danger and we will be much less safe, and in an age of the kind of weapons i described to you, that can manifest itself not in military defeats over there. that could manifest itself in a catastrophic event that fundamentally changes american life. greta: the president got up and dealt with these every day of is live, president bush. i assume president obama is doing the same thing, both of them. is there anything profoundly
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different you would do? , these are not problems that could be solved overnight. >> i would take the electromagnetic pulse problem, for example, very seriously. my friend and co-author just wrote a very good novel called "one second after," which shows you what would happen in a small town in north carolina and if we were attacked with like a giant lightning strike. it knocks out the electric generators. it knocks out all the lights, and knocks out the television and telephone and does it permanently. if it does not come back. every person depends on it cannotç get any more. every schizophrenic is dependent on drugs and cannot get them. >greta: every breathing machine and every hospital. >> nuclear weapons are real --ç in every hospital. there are people out there tried to figure out how to get a dirty bomb.
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my only point is we need to have a much more robust security strategy and much more robust, and security strategy, and there is a simple measure. are we controlling the border? if we are not controlling the border, who are we kidding? greta: mr. speaker, thank you, sir. >> great to be with you. greta: up next, the best of the rest, and, oh, boy. vice president is making news again for something he said in the ukraine. yes, a pub and women can be a risky combination. risky combination.
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announcer: to learn more about captioned telephone, call 1-800-552-7724 or go to our website. i'll see you at 3:00! announcer: captioned telephone - enjoy the phone again! greta: ok, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. it must be tough being president. the eyes of the world are always on you. your clothing. president obama is being hammered for wearing "mom jeans" when he threw out the pitch at the all-star game. >> here is my attitude. michelle, she looks fabulous. up until a few years ago, i only
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had four suits. i hate to shop. those genes are comfortable. -- jeans are comfortable. for those of you what your president to look good in tight jeans, i am sorry i am not the guy. greta: vice president joe biden in the ukraine, meeting with political leaders, but it is what happens later in the day that caught our eye. vice president obama and the president of the ukraine duct into a local pub and were drinking some coca-cola'sç when the vice president was heard to say that a frenchman had gone home and discovered something, and it was not the most beautiful women in the world. you have the most beautiful women. çyes, they were both drinking coca-cola.
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and governor mark sanford has been talking and talking and talking about his affair was a woman in argentina. well, today, at his first press conference since he admitted to the affair, governor sandford finally sounded like he may be ready to move on. >> it has been painful. it has been what it is, but it is time to move on, and that is what i intend to do. greta: well, still ahead, you just heard our interview with secretary of state hillary clinton from mumbai, india. it turns out we misseddddddddd@
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash the studio lights. last caller is almost here. hillary clinton was just in india. jimmy fallon has some good news about secretary clinton's trip.
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>> çsecretary of state hillary clinton announced that the united states will build two nuclear power plants in india, and here is the interesting part. they are going to outsource all of the jobs to america. yes, that is right. finally. greta:ç thanks to jimmy fallon for breaking that story. lights are blinking, and we are closing down shop. we will see you next time. do not


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